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Custom Milling Services 

Our business philosophy for custom milling services is to produce quality 100% natural fibre products for alpaca farmers.  Whether you have a herd of 5 or 20 (or more) - we will work with you to understand your needs.

Our mill offers a complete line of products to suite your needs including custom blending and dehairing services We can help you transform your fleece into farm spun yarns (2 or 3 ply), cotton core yarns, rug yarns, rovings and/or quilt batts.  

Our pricing is competitive and is based upon the finished weight for products ordered and services rendered.  You are not charged on incoming weight, which tends to have a large percentage of dirt/vegetation which adds to the weight.  You also have the option of drop off/pick up to save on shipping costs.  

Our pricing is not a secret - we simply ask to set up a quick call first to answer your questions and understand your needs and share pricing details.  Custom milling quotes are provided in advance which includes pricing for products and services rendered.  We also will quote the date for when your product will be returned to you - as our goal is to ensure a timely turnaround to help you run your business.  

Our custom milling production scheduling approach ensures your fleece is given the attention it deserves -  we do not store fleece in advance of production runs - and,  you will always receive your own fleece in return - never another farms.  

For more information on our custom milling services ; or, if you would like to schedule a private mill tour - to see what we can do - please contact Barb at [email protected]

Skirt, Sort & Tumble

Once the fleece is sheared from the animal and prior to processing, fibre is skirted and sorted in order to remove excess dirt, vegetation, stains and/or manure contamination.  Fibre at this stage may also be graded and classed.  Excess dirt is also removed by way of tumbling. 

Wash & Dry

Fleece is cleaned and dried prior to being milled using a commercial washing machine designed to wash but not agitate the fibres.  Agitation, during a wash cycle, would cause the fleece to felt. 

Pick & Condition

Raw fibres are not sufficiently separated (opened) to be ready for milling.    Therefore, fibres are picked, blended (if desired) and conditioned in preparation for  milling into the desired product. 


This stage of process separates (dehairs) the fibres in order to improve overall consistency and grade of the fibres for processing. Dehairing services remove guard hairs and coarse fibres which may not be desired in the finished product. 

Card & Draw

Carding fleece is the process of 'brushing' the yarn  to align the fibres.  Carded fleece may be made into rovings - to spin; or batts - for felting or quilting.  Roving are further processed on a draw frame as a      'pre-draft' of the fibres; which, lengthens the roving in prior to spinning. 

Spin & Ply 

Commercial spinning equipment applies draft, twist and speed to produce single threads (a ply) of yarn.  Single threads  of yarn are further plied together to to produce a final yarn product.   All yarns are steamed to set the twist and further prepared into a final skein form.   

To Sort, Grade or Class ... That is the Question

The value of sorting, grading and classifying fibre - prior to processing the fibre - is quite simply a better end product."

Talk to Barb about more info on sorting, grading and classing your fibre prior to processing - email [email protected] and ask about this service.